Nursery Inspiration from Alley Kids

Camping Nursery Design Board

February 03 2016, 0 Comments

Longing for warm, sun filled camping days? Bring the camping fun indoors!
Kids will love exploring and relaxing in a nature inspired themed room!
Love the pops of deep red mixed with the softer greens and blues! The Lullaby Paints coordinated perfectly.

FYI - you can pick your own custom colors for our alphabet poster.

Here are a few inspired woodland / camping finds...

Camping Design Nursery Board, Woodland Theme Kids Bedroom

Pendant Light Camping Essentials Art Print | Wall Compass  | Plush Moose   
Quilt | Celadon
Thatch & French Blue Paint | Throw | Paddle  | 
 Woodland Alphabet Print 
Be Brave Art Set | Bear Foot Stool | Campfire Set | Storage Crate | Rug

LOVE this rug too - 

Checkout the rest of our woodland themed wall art

Happy Camping!

DIY Finds!

November 19 2014, 0 Comments

It always amazes me how creative people are!! Each one of these lovely finds are DIY projects. Enjoy!!


        Spray Painted Old Trophies     



          Glove to a Squirrel Softie          





Sadly, source unknown

 Happy making! 


November 04 2014, 0 Comments

My favorite time of year! Cooler, shorter days, cozy sweaters and trees are full of beautiful colors! 

My son took this picture when he took a walk in our woods. Gorgeous!

Fall Trees Reflecting in Lake

 I took this one - PLEASE note I was not driving :) 

Fall Foliage


Have a great Tuesday!! 

Free Printable Cards for Halloween

October 22 2014, 2 Comments

I'm happy to share a couple of  free Halloween printable cards with you!  Enjoy!

 Free Printable Halloween Cards

 Free Printables

© 2014 Alley Kids, for personal use only

You can download them here - Halloween Card - Witch Shoes   /    Halloween Card- Monster Feet 

Cozy Baby Clothes

October 21 2014, 0 Comments

Actually I was on the hunt for some new cozy clothes for me... but then I got distracted by baby clothes.  I'll take one of those and these.... Baby Clothes 1 Pattern Knit Dress   2  Hat & Mittens   3 White Cardigan  4 Gary Cardigan  5 Body Suits  6 Blue Cardigan  7 Tights  8 Ballet Flats  9 Snuggle Suit  10 Jeans 11 Striped Body Suit  12 Jersey Pants  13 Pink Cardigan  14 Knit Pants  15 High Top Sneakers  16 Ragg Socks 

Elephant Inspiration Nursery Board

December 12 2013, 0 Comments

Showing a little bit of Elephant LOVE today!  Featuring colors aqua, gray and soft yellow. Perfect for a boy or girl nursery.

Elephant Inspiration Nursery Board

Wall Hook   Personalized Elephant Print   Blanket   Lamp Base Mobile    Large Plush   Curtain Tie-Backs    Nightlight Elephant Nursery Print    Alphabet Poster  Storage Basket Rug

Animal Nursery

December 10 2013, 0 Comments

Gorgeous animal nursery,  so soft and pretty! Our elephant and giraffe prints hang right over the changing table. LOVE!!

Animal Nursery Art

Woodland Nursery

December 06 2013, 0 Comments

We added NEW artwork added to our Woodland Field Guide Series! I ADORE this series. It took a long time to make and a lot of tweaking here and there, but it has been worth it! It has quickly become a favorite at Alley Kids! The new prints feature our deer, fox and bear. Perfect for a woodland or camping nursery or kids bedroom. Deer art, woodland nursery                       Fox nursery art, woodland nursery Bear Nursery Art, woodland nursery

Woodland Nursery Art

September 27 2013, 0 Comments

When deciding how you want to decorate your nursery or childs bedroom, you can't go wrong with a woodland theme. It can be anything from warm and cozy to soft and dainty. As your child grows, our prints transfer perfectly into a toddlers room or playroom.  Also, you get to pick your own color scheme! Woodland Art set - Deer, Moose, Bear, Fox and an Elk


Woodland Nursery Art Set

Woodland Animal Nursery Art

Moose Nursery Art  Moose, Woodland Nursery Fox Nursery Art -   Fox, Woodland Nursery Art Deer Nursery Art  Deer, Woodland Art Bear, Woodland Nursery Art  Bear, Woodland Nursery Elk Nursery Art,  Elk, Nursery Art  


Check out our complete Woodland Nursery Collection Happy Friday!! Susan

Dinosaur Nursery Inspiration Board for Boys and Girls

September 26 2013, 0 Comments

Here is a Dinosaur Nursery Board I designed for a client. They are having a dinosaur nursery regardless if they are having a boy or a girl,  they find out soon! We started off the colors she would like for either gender, and is accenting the nursery with the lime color.
She picked out the Dinosaur Art she wants and I took it from there.


 Dinosaur Nursery

1. Rocker   2. Storage Baskets  3.Pillow Covers  4. Moon Light   5. Side Table  6. Ceiling Light   7. DIY Dinos Tails   8. Book & Plush  9. Hanging Terrarium  10. Rug 11. Dinosaur Alphabet Poster   12. Dinosaur Name Print  13. Dinosaur Art Prints   14. Fabric Boy Girl

Soft and Sweet - Nursery Inspiration Board

September 20 2013, 0 Comments

Soft and Sweet Nursery Inspiration Board

1) Glider & Ottoman 2) Light Switch Cover 3) Custom Map  4) Hanging Light 5) Flower Basket 6) Crib  7) Lamb Pillow 8) Table Lamp  9) Pillow  10) Custom Alphabet Poster 11) Dresser 12) Rug 13) Fabric 14) Basket

Nursery Inspiration - Colorful

September 16 2013, 0 Comments

Loud & Proud Nursery Inspiration -  Love all the color, there is no actual theme, just wonderful, bright, color! In the next few days I will be posting a Soft & Sweet Board


  Loud & Proud

1. Pendant Lamp    2. Light Print  3.Rocker  4. Places Print  5. Mobile  6. Fox  7. Book Clock  8. Crib  9. Wall Hooks  10. Table Lamp   11.Alphabet Name Print  12. Dresser 13. Rug  14. Storage Bench   15. Fabric

Nursery Inspiration Board - Woodland for Girls

September 12 2013, 0 Comments

Woodland Inspiration Board

1. Pendant Lamp   2. Tree Pillow   3. Deer Head   4. Bird Pillow   5. Owl Vase  6. Woodland Animal Prints    7. Fabric   8. Fox Hook    9. Side Table   10. Glider  11. Crib   12. Love You Print

Nursery Inspiration - Woodland Theme for Boys

September 11 2013, 0 Comments

Woodland Nursery Inspiration Board

 1. Pendant Light  2. Moose Head   3. Bird Pillow  4. Field Guide prints   5.  Rug   6. Crib

  7. Tree Pillow   8. Fox Hook   9. Personalized Deer Print  10. Rocker  11. Owl Vase

  12. Storage Basket   13. Fabric   14. Stump Side Table